The Guide To Long Covid is a site that aims to offer general information about Long Covid. It’s main purpose is to provide info on how technology and research can help people with Long Covid to self advocate and to better cope with their condition.

Long Covid is a new illness and there’s so much science and medicine still doesn’t know about it. There are even some who question the existence of the illness. People with Long Covid are often judged, dismissed or ignored.

This site aims to give some power back to Long Covid patients by keeping them informed on new research and new technologies that can help them to cope and possibly recover.

Note: Long Covid information changes all the time. Some of the info on this site may become inaccurate as research continues. Check the published dates of each page to gauge relevancy and accuracy.


The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid is available as an ebook!
You’ll find a comprehensive guide to using wearables, apps and technology to cope with Long Covid. It offers detailed instructions on pacing, heart rate monitoring, HRV, POTS, deep breathing, tVNS, air purifiers, CO2 monitors and lots more.
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Cover image of The Geek's Guide To Long Covid ebook: Navigating Long Covid with wearables, apps, devices and technology. By Louise Lushton

About The Author

Louise Lushton is a librarian, writer, filmmaker and web designer. She has had ME/CFS since 2020. To cope with her disease, she adopted wearable technology and apps to keep track of her symptoms and to better self advocate with medical professionals. Her professional ability to conduct thorough online research meant she has been able to keep track of new developments in the study of ME/CFS.

Since her diagnosis she has watched Long Covid grow into a massive public health emergency. As Long Covid and ME/CFS look extremely similar (and may in fact be the same disease), Louise decided to create a site to share her own information about using technology in the management of chronic disease.

Read Louise’s story here.

Louise is not a doctor or medical professional. This site is for general information purposes only. Naturally you should seek professional medical advice when dealing with Long Covid.