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The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid eBook

The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid is now available as an eBook, currently on Amazon Kindle, with more formats to come.

The Geek's Guide To Long Covid ebook: Navigating Long Covid with Wearables, Apps, Devices and Technology by Louise Lusthon. Ebook cover features a power button with spikes like a coronovirus
The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid ebook is currently available at Amazon

The book provides easy-to-read information about using wearables, apps, devices and other technology to cope with Long Covid and assist with ongoing recovery.

The book includes up-to-date information about Long Covid, it’s symptoms, pathologies and current theories, plus discussion of treatment options and recovery rates.


The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid is available as an ebook!
You’ll find a comprehensive guide to using wearables, apps and technology to cope with Long Covid. It offers detailed instructions on pacing, heart rate monitoring, HRV, POTS, deep breathing, tVNS, air purifiers, CO2 monitors and lots more.
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Cover image of The Geek's Guide To Long Covid ebook: Navigating Long Covid with wearables, apps, devices and technology. By Louise Lushton

The main focus of the book is using tech as part of your recovery journey. Thus, it gives information on pacing and the various strategies for dealing with fatigue and preventing post exertional malaise. It looks at heart rate monitoring and how it can be used as a pacing strategy and a way to prevent crashes. It delves into heart rate variability (HRV) science and how HRV scores can give a guide as to your health status and how you are coping day-to-day. The book discusses the autonomic nervous system, the vagus nerve, dysautonomia, sympathetic and parasympathetic swings and how it all fits in with Long Covid.

The book also looks at orthostatic intolerance and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), with suggestions on documenting POTS symptoms and tachycardia or palpitations – including a simple test you can do at home.

It also looks at the experimental treatment of tVNS, which is transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation using a TENS machine. There’s a chapter on deep breathing and meditation which is helpful to the vagus nerve.

The book also includes information about preventing further Covid infection using CO2 monitors and air purifiers.

The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid contains extensive listing of useful apps for symptom tracking, heart rate monitoring, HRV, sleep, meditation, breathing and more.

It includes a listing of the best wearables and smart watches to use for heart rate monitoring and other symptom tracking.

Wearables and apps can help you:

  • Track your daily energy usage and manage fatigue
  • Document tachycardia, palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Document POTS and orthostatic intolerance
  • Identify the source of crashes and flare-ups
  • Develop healing habits like meditation, diet monitoring, and good sleep hygiene
  • Document and track symptoms, diet, stress, life events and much more

Many medical professionals are skeptical about the existence of Long Covid. This is exacerbated by ongoing sexism and racism which leads doctors to dismiss the symptoms of women and people of colour. Wearables and apps help you to document your symptoms and engage in self advocacy using clear, undeniable data.

The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid is here to help you take back your life.

You can buy The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid at Amazon

The Geek’s Guide to Long Covid ebook is an extension of this site. It’s by Louise Lushton