Distracted boyfriend whistles at "Covid is over" girl while "Long Covid" girlfriend is upset

Long Covid Memes

Long Covid sucks so here’s some memes about it. Long Haulers need memes to keep their spirits up and to feel seen. This Long Covid memes page is mainly here as a bit of light relief on the Geek’s Guide To Long Covid. Hey, we’re geeky, there has to be memes.

Long Covid Meme: Distracted boyfriend labelled "Government and the media" turns away from "Long Covid" girl to whistle at "Covid Is Over" girl

“Covid is over”. People are still dying every day and millions are becoming disabled without medical or financial help. But this is fine.

Long Covid Meme: Man crying. The text says "When you have PEM and all the health apps recommend exercise."

When you have post exertional malaise from Long Covid and doctors, health apps, government advisory bodies insist that “ExEcISe iS gOOd fOr yOU!”


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Cover image of The Geek's Guide To Long Covid ebook: Navigating Long Covid with wearables, apps, devices and technology. By Louise Lushton
Long Covid meme based on Is This A Pigeon: Cartoon character labelled "Bad Doctors" looks at butterfly labelled "Long Covid" and asks: "Is this just all in your head?"

New studies come out every day with evidence of real physical problems and there’s still people who think that Long Covid isn’t real, that it’s anxiety or “just all in your head.”

Long Covid Meme: Image of Walter White from Breaking Bad lying on a bed. Caption is "If Walter White had Long Covid and not cancer: Breaking Bed"

Breaking Bad 2022: Walter White comes down with Long Covid, not cancer. He can’t work, goes bankrupt and is too tired to start a meth business. BREAKING BED. Nah, I wouldn’t watch it either.

Long Covid Meme: Oprah car giveaway where she says "You get Long Covid! And you get Long Covid! Everybody gets Long Covid!"

The CDC and governments everywhere: “You get Long Covid! And you get Long Covid! Everybody gets Long Covid!”

Long Covid Meme: Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park points to his friend and says "Hey this guy has Long Covid and it's completely destroyed his life." The next panel has him saying "See, nobody cares."

So, this meme is often used to dismiss people online. But it seems like a perfect way to sum up the way Long Covid is still being downplayed and the way it can be difficult to get help and support.

Long Covid Meme: Daenerys smiling. Caption is "When your doctor says they had Covid and it was mild and easy."

When you want to say “The plural of anecdote is not data” but you just smile at the doctor like this.

Long Covid Meme: Drowning person hand reaches up from water, labelled "Dealing with Long Covid PEM". A second hand is labelled "Doctors, health apps, government advice." Third panel shows the hand high fiving the drowning hand saying "Try and get more exercise". Fourth panel, person drowns.

Sure, exercise is a great way to improve your health… when it doesn’t totally screw you up and make your symptoms worse.

More Long Covid Memes From The Web

Meme: Image of Patrick Star hammering a nail through his head, labelled "Covidiots", saying "...But the survival rates" Underneath: A Facepalm emoji image labelled "Covid Long Haulers"
Meme by Reddit user Ask_Aspie

See also: “It’s mild.” “It’s just a flu.” “I had it and it wasn’t that bad.”

Meme: Trojan horse labelled "Omicron" with soldiers inside labelled "Long Covid". People opening the gates of the fortress labelled "It's Mild"
Long Covid meme via @DrEricDing on Twitter

The Trojan horse of Long Covid that is Omicron. See also every government relaxing or removing public health measures like masking, quarantine length, testing and reporting.

ME/CFS Meme: Internalized Ableism Bingo. A variety of quotes in a bingo format, includes "Okay but what if I'm faking it?" "I'm not letting my illness stop me" and "I'm not defined by my life changing diagnosis!"
Meme by Millions Missing

This meme was created for ME/CFS people but can easily apply to Long Covid. Too often we push through or find ourselves trying to carry on like before. It helps to be ready to accept Long Covid and its limitations.