Long Covid Resources

Every day we learn more. There’s a lot of Long Covid resources online to help you navigate through the illness. Here’s a list of useful sites offering support, information, research and news on Long Covid.

Patient-Focused Sites, Advocacy and Support Groups

Survivor Corps – A patient-led movement focused on support, research, sharing information and education. Lots of really useful info on this site, worth checking out.
The Long Covid Alliance – A network of patient advocates, scientists and researchers. Lots of info plus ongoing research.
Covid Care Group – This is a commercial site with a lot of useful info. It has a focus on mast cell issues and antihistamines. It also runs this Facebook group.
Body Politic – Originally a queer feminist wellness collective, Body Politic now has a major focus on helping people with Long Covid, focusing on health advocacy
COVID-19 Long-Haulers Discussion Group – Facebook group
COVID-19 Long Haul Advocacy Project – Facebook group
Long Covid Kids – A UK-based group for children affected by Long Covid.

Research and Medical Sites


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Cover image of The Geek's Guide To Long Covid ebook: Navigating Long Covid with wearables, apps, devices and technology. By Louise Lushton

Royal Society of Medicine COVID-19 Learning Centre – UK Doctor site on Covid
RECOVER – Research and info site.
PHOSP-COVID – Studying the post-hospitalization outcomes of COVID-19 patients and Long Covid.
Patient-Led Research Collaborative – An arm of Body Politic, this is a group of researchers who also have Long Covid and are doing research into the illness.
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Long Covid Resource page – Physio-based info including employment resources.
Long Covid Physio – Physiotherapy based info

Coping With Long Covid

Health Rising’s Tips For Long Covid Newbies
CFS Self Help Pacing Tutorial
How To Get On – Tips for living a disabled life.
US Guidance on Long Covid and Disability
10 Salty Facts for POTS Patients

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