Using technology to recover from Long Covid

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The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid offers information on how to use technology like apps and wearables to collect data, monitor your health and self-advocate with medical staff. Plus general info and news on Long Covid.

Long Covid - COVID-19 virus and what causes long covid

What Is Long Covid

A detailed look at Long Covid – how it’s defined and a list of symptoms. Includes extensive and researched discussion of the possible causes of Long Covid.

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Long Covid Treatment

We discuss the current treatment options for Long Covid, including possible drug treatments and procedures for both the cause and symptoms of Long Hauler PASC

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Woman enjoying sunset looking joyous, symbolising recovery from Long Covid

Recovery From Long Covid

Is it possible to recover from Long Covid? A look at recovery rates documented by research, plus some recovery stories.

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Geek’s Guide To Long Covid

Man checking a wearable tracker device to monitor his health

Wearables For Long Covid

Wearables, trackers, watches and devices are a handy way to get objective health measurements. Here’s a list of the most useful wearables for Long Covid.

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iPhone showing apps

Best Apps For Long Covid

Documenting Long Covid symptoms and other health measurements is much easier with these apps. Plus recommended apps for meditation, HRV, heart rate monitoring and sleep

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Fitbit Versa 3 watch. Can be used for heart rate monitoring for Long Covid

Heart Rate Monitoring For Long Covid

One pacing strategy for Long Covid is heart rate monitoring. Here’s how to do it with wearables and apps.

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HRV Tracking For Long Covid

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a handy way to measure how your body is coping. Here’s how to track your HRV.

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Calm Your Nervous System and Improve HRV

How to calm the nervous system and improve HRV when you have Long Covid. Tips to improve heart rate variability and reduce stress.

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Graffiti art, blue man with heart problem

POTS, OI and Long Covid

Orthostatic intolerance and POTS are common in Long Covid. Here’s how to document it.

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A road with a "slow down" sign. A symbol of pacing and rest for long covid

Pacing and Rest For Long Covid

Pacing is one way to cope with Long Covid, especially if you have fatigue. Here’s how to pace.

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Street art says inhale and exhale. Breathing exercises for long covid

Deep Breathing Exercises For Long Covid

Deep breathing can help with stress, HRV and more. Here’s a list of exercises plus useful breathing and biofeedback apps.

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A tVNS clip on the tragus of the ear. Image by Tragus Clip

tVNS for Long Covid

Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS) is an experimental treatment. How to do it, what devices to use.

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CO2 Monitor

CO2 Monitors

People with Long Covid can prevent re-infection with the help of air quality CO2 monitors. Here’s a list of some CO2 meters..

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Books in a library - scientific research into Long Covid

Research Articles

A collection of all the scientific research articles used by this site. Handy reference guide.

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Apple iPhone and watch, geek guide to long covid wearables

Geek’s Guide To Long Covid

Being geeky can be good for you. The Geek’s Guide to Long Covid intro. Plus, personal recommendations.

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Long Covid Self-Advocacy

How To Self-Advocate

Long Covid is new. You need to be ready to advocate for your own health. This means being informed, articulate, assertive and armed with useful data…

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A smartwatch next to a keyboard and mouse. Documenting your health can help you cope with Long Covid

Documenting Your Health

An important part of advocating for your own health is documenting it. Here’s what to document and the best ways to keep track of data.

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Man writing and researching on a laptop

How To Research Long Covid

It helps to be informed. Here’s how to do your own research and how to avoid misleading or unproven info. Includes a list of trustworthy sources.

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Be Wary

A list of things to be wary about when researching Long Covid. Misinformation, unproven therapies or money-wasting treatments abound.

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Long Covid Resources

A handy listing of Long Covid Resources like patient advocacy sites, research and medical sites and advice and tips.

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Newspaper, phone and glasses

Long Covid News

Recent news articles about Long Covid featuring new research plus human interest stories, opinion and more.

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  • My Story

    My Story

    My story of having ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which is very similar to Long Covid.

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